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Arabic:  سب Sabba - to insult, abuse, call names, revile, rail at, to curse, to exchange insults or abusive language
سبة Subba - disgrace, shame, dishonor
سباب Sabbab - abuser, vituperator, reviler
سبابة Sabbaba - index finger, pointer finger
(see Two)

“Thus have we sent down manifest signs; for, verily, God guides whom he will.”   The Qur’an

Spanish:  No tener dos dedos de frente - ( not have two fingers ) to be really stupid (see Stupid Delays)

Russian:  пáлцем дéланный - Palstyem delanniy - ( made with a finger ) a fool, an idiot (see Stupid Delays)

        French:  Comme les deux doigts de la main – ( like the two fingers of the hand ) to be thick as thieves (see Roving, Preying)

      Russian:  как два пáльца обоссáть - Kak dva paltsa obassat - ( like two fingers set about ) to be very easy (see Stupid Delays)

The (see ...) refers to Chapters found within the Contents of the site which you will see after this page.

Found within Chapters 31-34 - Greedy Spears

  The Pointed Hats of Dunce Caps (see Stupid Delays), the Ku Klux Klan (see Rough Noise), Witches (see Thorns of the Bush, American Royals, Ugly Concealments), and other Dunces - arguably the two worst elements in the polarized American culture circa 2016. How you ask. The Republican party has somewhat become a haven for white nationalist/"white" supremacist (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost) folks, while the Democratic party continues to play identity politics pandering to women and the LGBTQ, but not your every day normal woman known around the world and throughout history, but the bitchiest (see Lions Against Islam, Bestial Behaviors, Foxes) women in all history. The 2016 election celebrated "Nasty Women" (see Quagmires) and showed/symbolized this sick American gender war (see Confused Warriors) that is more dangerous than ever because the purple fist feminist (see Thorns of the Bush, American Royals) folks are allied with the LGBTQ folks like no other time in history. The extremist elements within the LGBTQ are prime examples of dangerously growing gender confusions (see Crooked Leanings) twisting our youth. Wtichcraft is considered a black magic evil arts (see Black Burning Gloom). Many American feminists and LGBTQ folks are not Christians and do not believe in Christian teachings because various underinformed idiotic prides, but mainly because Christianity is considered patriachy. Their lack of historical, scientific, and gender realist knowledge along with their socio-economic angst that is based in the need to make money in the crazy American got to sell (see Mad Money) in order to survive zeitgeist has sadly turned women away from the church. The imbalanced socio-economic system is making all people more and more frustrated, confused, gender warring. and divided in too many ways ... The Trends of the Times (see Introduction) that are obvious for those willing to see. The stupid "white" supremacist identity and all color descriptions to humans is a lazy way to define each other. White supremacist and ethnic group tensions are reactions from men from the more historically entrenched powers losing control of institutions and overall economic empowerment. The Establishment's reluctance to deal with climate change, Wall St excess, dwindling middle class, guns, etc... is based in the fear of losing economic and political power. Everyone is in survival mode unable to get out of their own boxes and think beyond their own group/clique (see Rough Noise). Circa 2016, 8 out of 10 Americans are off center in some way. Easily, 8 out of 10 Ameicans are dunces in some way. Complete cowards unwilling and unable to put the pieces together. It is time to bring attention back to these pointed dunce caps and all the extremes of the sick polarized two party system (see Two) constantly pointing the finger at each other. The sexes exist to compliment each other, not war and twist and stonewall (see Stony) themselves from the other sex. As for women who play with pagan/heathen (see Heathens) witchcraft, the fact that you need to use such wicked ways in your covens aka groups show you to be the inferior beings you are and always will be. Integrity means you approach/attack people one on one. Best to accept gender realism and learn to be proper ladies, for your dark ways will always be naked for holy eyes to see (see Yellow Sunlight). 
Englsh:  Point - n. 1: a sharp or tapering end, as of a dagger .....
                       v. 61: to direct (the finger, a weapon, the attention, etc.) at, to, or upon something

(see Related Works - Global Warming/Climate Change/Resource Management)
(see Signs - America in the Red)
The following is one of many quotes within the Bible that should warn of the dangers of a red place (or in American political connotations "red states").

“This judgment of Edom will never end. Its SMOKE (see CHAPTERS 46-49 ~ Black Burning Gloom) will rise up forever…no one will live there no more. There the HAWKS (see 36 ~ Hawk's Havoc) and PORCUPINES (see 4 ~ Thorms of the Bush) will live, and OWLS (see 46-49 ~ Black Burning Gloom) and RAVENS (see 45 ~ Crawford & Other Crows). For God will observe the land and find it worthy of destruction. He will test its NOBLES (see 18-19 ~ American Royals) and find them worthy of DEATH (see 46-49, 65-66 ~ Black Burning Gloom, Snow Jobs & Other Frost). It will be called the ‘LAND OF NOTHING' (see 58 ~ Heathens) ... THORNS (see 4 ~ Thorns of the Bush) will overrun PALACES (see 18-19 ~ American Royals) …and it will become the haunt of jackals or FOXES (see 23 ~ Foxes)… the WILD (see 1-3 ~ Woods Boys) animals of the DESERT (see 58 ~ Heathens) will mingle there with WOLVES (see 43 ~ Wolves) and hyenas. Their howls fill the NIGHT (see 46-49 ~ Black Burning Gloom) …night MONSTERS (see 29 ~ Ugly Concealments) will SCREAM (see 20-21, 37 ~ Mad Money, Sheehan v. Rough Noise) at each other…and the DEMONS (see 23, 25, 43, 74-75 ~ Foxes, American Guns, Wolves, Two) will come there to rest.”
Edom means 'RED''
(see 72-73 ~ America in the Red).    Isaiah 34:5-15

Found within Chapters 72-73 - America in the Red

Interesting fact: 
The so-called   “Red States" have higher rates of obesity, unwanted pregnancy, illiteracy, illegal drug use, gambling, and murder.

 The “Red States” is a term used by Americans to describe territory dominated by the Republican party. The Blue States (see Blue, Yellow, & Green) are associated with Democratic party. These two colors, along with yellow, are known as primary colors. Aside from these "red" and "blue" states, America does not have a powerful third party. The greens have been trying to penetrate the monopoly, but the American political world remains polarized between the blue and red. It is interesting that the “blue” and the “red” were the terms for the north and south during the American Civil War.

Currently, American political life is too contentious and dualistic, much like a civil war, to do what is necessary for the 21st century. I believe a yellow evolution (see Sunlight) is needed to allow the formations of other colors or potentials. If green (see Blue Yellow Green) is a desired result, yellow would have to be added to blue. All in all, in order for America to reduce conflict (see Two) and become more complete, the third primary color (see Three) must be introduced into the debates. This way American politics and the voting public will be less susceptible to instinctual, unscientific, extremist, simplistic positions that get people elected on an old fashioned language that inevitably gets America in trouble. This way, people can learn to intellectualize between dualistic (see Two) extremes like East/West, Muslim/Christian, Sunni/Shiite, Republican/Democrat, Capitalism/Socialism, Bulls/Bears.. Any absence of one of the three primary colors will result in an imbalance where only one or two colors (i.e. red or blue) will predominate.

We need a harmony between the best of all the three primary colors (see Three), for that is when government serves the masses/majority - the combinations of the three primary colors will complete the veritable rainbow - orange, green, purple, etc... all the potential colors on the color wheel. The Hindi Chakra philosophy teaches us that the energy centers of the human body (made up of the rainbow of colors) are interrelated and dependent upon each other. A healthy organism has uninterrupted flow between these energy or color levels (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet-magenta). Imagine the news covering American politics using these terms as opposed to the "red state"/ "blue state" dualistic predominance that has existed since the 2000 election (see Two) and much of Ameican history. This red and blue creates a purple (see American Royals) at best. America cannot afford to go back to these "red state" types of people/mentalities that disrespect and neglect good government.

Englsh:  Red flag - a sign or symbol of something that warns, incites, provokes; a sign that there is most likely imminent danger

And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. He answered them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is RED.’ And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is RED and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the SIGNS OF THE TIMES. An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed. When the disciples reached the other side, they had forgotten to bring any bread."   Matthew 16:1-28

RED is described as having the following connotations in semiotic dictionaries. Keep in mind that these are introductory descriptions that demand further research, study, experience, and time. An advanced study show that the connotations depend on the hue. What is interesting is how the basic connotations of aggression, anger, emotion, indulgence, debt, WAR, and strength are consistently associated with the color red within the varied sources I referred to.

According to one source: "RED is the color of fire and blood and regarded universally as the basic symbol of the life-principle, with its dazzling strength and power, nevertheless possess their same symbolic ambivalence; speaking visually, this doubtless depends upon whether the red is bright or dark. The nocturnal, centripetal red is the color of the fire which burns within the individual and the earth, that of the womb and of the alchemists’ athanor in which, through the making of the Red Stone, the generation or regeneration of the individual or of the work that takes place through dissolution and ripening. Western, Chinese and Muslim alchemists all used the meaning of red in the same way, and the Arabs ‘red sulphur’, denoting Universal Man, springs directly from the making of the Red Stone, maturing in the anthanor. The same is true of the Chinese ‘red rice’; this, too, is the fire – or blood – of the athanor. Below the green of the Earth’s surface and the blackness of the soil, lies the redness, pre-eminently holy and secret, the mystery of life hidden on the dark floor of the primeval ocean depths. The lower regions of the earth were often depicted as red."

The lower regions are where contemporary economies depend upon oil.

Hebrew:  חמיץ Khamots – violent; robber
(see Roving)
               חמיץ Khamots – deep red

The Red Badge of Courage is a classic 1895 novel about grim realities of war.

Red is universally associated with anger and aggression.
The WAR deities Ares and Ogun were red. Mars, known as the RED planet, is also the Roman God of War. RED is the zenith (an extreme) of color; represents the sun and all war gods. The color RED might embody the ardor and enthusiasm of youth. Within Irish tradition RED was above all the color of the warrior, and there were two very common adjectives in Gaelic, derg and ruadh, to describe it. There are hundreds of examples of this. RED was also the color of Dionysos, the Greek god of wine, liberator and orgiast
(see Drunken Times).

Bright, diurnal, solar, centrifugal RED is a spur to action. It is the image of ardor and beauty, of all that is impulsive, of youth and health, wealth and love, free and victorious. When RED is externalized, it can be dangerous as the uncontrolled lust for power, leading to self-absorption, hatred, blind passion and hell-born love. Mephistopheles wears the RED cloak of the Princes of Hell while cardinals wear that of the Princes of the Church. Intimately connected within RED are the two profound impulses – doing and suffering, freedom and tyranny – as so many red flags of the 20th century go to show.

In heraldry RED is called ‘gules’ an Old French word suggesting gueule, the word for mouth, representing the libido. This association with the mouth could be extended to the fire of the belly and excessive passion for food that leaves one (especially Americans) fat. RED is known to stimulate appetite. Children are known to be especially attracted to the color RED. Gules stands for the spiritual virtues of love of God and of one’s neighbor, for the worldly virtues of courage; for the vices of cruelty, murder and slaughter. The wise men of the Bambara say that the color RED reminds one of heat, fire, blood, corpses, flies, annoyance, hardship, kings, the untouchable and the inaccessible.

RED is the active principle; fire; the sun; royalty; love; emotion; joy; festivity; passion; ardor; energy; ferocity; sexual excitement; health, strength: also blood, blood lust; blood guiltiness; anger; vengeance; martyrdom; faith, magnanimity. It can also be the color of the desert and calamity. In the Far East red is sometimes the color of drought.

Red is a 2010 film about misguided members of the CIA who have been driven by blind ambition to collude with a corrupt defense contractor.

The Big Red One is a 1980 film about the horrors of war.

The Thin Red Line is a 1998 film about the lies and horrors of war.

RED is represented in the following cultures:
Celtic – Death, the red horseman, disaster
Chinese – the sun, the phoenix, fire, summer, the south, joy, happiness
Christian – Christ’s passion, bloodshed, the fire of Pentecost, zeal in faith, love, power, dignity, priestly power, intrepidity, the color of Cardinals’ robes as soldiers of the Pope. Red and white denotes the Devil; Purgatory; death.
Greek – Priapus, a fertility god of the penis was known as the Red God.  Red was the color of Dionysos - the god of wine (see Drunken Times), who was known as the liberator and orgiast.
Hindi - red is the root shakra associates with primal energy
Hebrew (Qabalism) – severity
Roman –  Red was an imperial color. America is the Imperial Empire of the time.

According to the book Aura Soma RED is most significantly associated with primal energy, grounding, survival issues, and the material side of life. Among the symbolic meanings: blood, passion for life, abundance, inner warmth, love, extremism.  Among the Mental meanings: extraversion, dominance, authority, survival issues, the material side of life, sacrifice, stress, and chaos. Among the emotional meanings: passion, temperament, aggression, heat, fire, anger, resentment, frustration, violence, embarrassment, courage, daring, inconsistency, and sex.

Other sources describe the color RED in the following ways: A warm color that is able to stimulate the senses and raise the blood pressure (blue would have the opposite effect). People will actually gamble more and make riskier bets when seated under a RED light as opposed to a blue light. Las Vegas is known to be a city of RED neon lights. REDS convey charged emotions like anger, love, or passion. RED is a color easily noticed first. Physically, physiologically, and emotionally, REDS are exciting while the blue is subduing. REDS tend to increase bodily tension and stimulate the autonomic nervous system. RED is not the choice of psychiatric wards, prisons, or hospitals. RED is the most arrogant, attention grabbing, and energetic color of the spectrum.  Advertisers often use RED to manipulate our attention. Excessive subjection to RED can lead to agitation, anger, and even violence. REDS are known to increase our appetites while blues cool them down. Most fast food restaurants are decorated with RED and orange hues. REDS are associated with urgency, passion, fire, heat, love, aggression, blood, war, revolution, radicals, excitement, strength, power (i.e. the red power tie, and red carpet), intensity, boldness, extremity, anger (seeing red), hunger, desire, sex, impulse, speed, and danger. RED cars are known to get more speeding tickets than other cars. In heraldry, RED was used to indicate courage. Traditionally, RED is the color of Cupid (greed) and the Devil. Once again, the connotation of a color is relative to a particular context.

Within the Bible, RED or SCARLET is the color of blood, sacrifice, and sacrificial animals (Leviticus 14:4, 6, 49-52). The biblical association of the color SCARLET with sin continues in the imagery of modern literature, e.g. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. The association of the color SCARLET with blood and the images of sin converge in John’s Apocalypse, where Babylon, the great harlot, appears dressed in scarlet sitting on a SCARLET beast covered with blasphemous names. In this scene of horror, the harlot is drunk with the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus (Revelation 17: 3-6).

“So the angel took me in spirit into the wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a SCARLET animal that had seven heads and ten horns (see Crooked Leanings), written all over with blasphemies against God. The woman wore purple (see American Royals) and scarlet clothing with beautiful jewelry (see American Royals) made of gold (see Mad Money) and precious gems and pearls (see American Royals), and held in her hand a golden goblet full of obscenities: A mysterious caption was written on her forehead:  “Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes and of Idol Worship Everywhere around the World.”  Revelation 17:3-5

I could see that she was drunk (see Drunken Times) – drunk with the martyrs of Jesus she had killed.”  Revelation 17: 3-6

“The SCARLET animal … will go to its doom’. The Destruction of Babylon: The Notorious Prostitute - Revelation 17:11

Babylon was the “biggest consumer for gold and silver, precious stones, pearls …and SCARLET”.  Revelation 18: 12

English:  1Scarlet – 1: scarlet cloth or clothes  2: any of various bright reds
              2Scarlet – 1: of the color scarlet  2a: grossly and glaringly offensive  b: whorish

“She (the prostitute Oholibah) was in fact more debased than Samaria, for she fell in love with the pictures she saw painted on a wall! They were pictures of Babylonian military officers, outfitted in striking RED uniforms … and they came and committed adultery with her."   Ezekiel 23:14-16

The Illustration of Edom in the book of Isaiah is a description of a place where doomed souls are sent.
“This judgment of Edom will never end. Its smoke will rise up forever…no one will live there no more. There the hawks and porcupines will live, and owls and ravens. For God will observe the land and find it worthy of destruction. He will test its nobles and find them worthy of death. It will be called the ‘land of nothing’…thorns will overrun palaces…and it will become the haunt of jackals (foxes)… the wild animals of the desert will mingle there with wolves and hyenas. Their howls fill the night…night monsters will scream at each other…and the demons will come there to rest.”   Isaiah 34:5-15
Edom means 'RED". 

In the Book of Nahum, the impending destruction of Nineveh is painted in RED.
“Nineveh you are finished! You are surrounded…for the land of the people of God lies empty and broken from after your attacks…Shields flash RED in the sunlight! The attack begins! See their scarlet uniforms!”   Nahum 2:1-3

In the Book of Zecharia, an Angel of the Lord riding a RED horse patrols the land of Jerusalem during a time of great sin.
The Lord was skeptical in regards to if he should show mercy. “I am jealous … very angry…”. The black and white horses carried out his judgment and quitted his anger, while the RED horse was still in a state of turmoil.

The Book of Revelation has a negative image associated with a RED horse.
“This time a RED horse rode out. Its rider was given a long sword and the authority to banish peace and bring anarchy to earth; war and killing broke out everywhere.”   Revelation 6:4

“I watched as he broke the sixth seal, and there was a vast earthquake; and the sun became dark like black cloth, and the moon was BLOOD RED…because the great day of their anger has come…”    Revelation 6:12

“…and a third of the sea turned RED as blood ...”   Revelation 8:9

“Release the four mighty demons…turned loose to kill a third of all mankind…I saw their horses spread out before me in my vision ; their riders wore fiery-RED breastplates…   Revelation 9:14-17

The Book of Revelation talks about a “Red Dragon” with “its host of fallen angels”, that lost a battle to the Archangel Michael and was “forced from heaven.”
“This great RED Dragon
(see Crooked Leanings) – the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world – was thrown down onto the earth with all his army.”   Revelation 12:7-9

This RED Dragon encouraged a Creature with bear’s feet and a lion’s mouth “to speak blasphemies against the Lord…to rule over all nations and language groups throughout the world.”   Revelation 13:5-8

“But first they took  him … They stripped him and put a SCARLET robe on him, and made a crown from long thorns and put it on his head … and knelt before him in mockery. And spat on him…beat him…and crucify him.”   Matthew 27:27-31  The Death and Burial of Jesus

"When the Lamb broke the second (see Two) seal, I heard the second living being say, 'Come!' And another horse appeared, a RED one. Its rider was given a mighty sword (see Live by the Sword) and the authority to remove peace from the earth. And there was war and slaughter (see Butchers) everywhere."  Revelation 6:3-4

Other associations with RED are the following:
“My eyes are RED with weeping and on my eyelids is the shadow of death.”   Job 16:16
“My eyes are RED from weeping, my health is broken from sorrow.”   Psalm 31:9

Healthy eyes are usually blue, green, or brown while drunken, mad, sad, or unhealthy eyes turn RED.

  The Red Eye – FOX News' pathetic attempt at humor in the form of a light news discussion show (see Foxes)  hosted by asshole Greg Gutfeld.
English:  Red eye – 1: a late night airline filght  2: a type of cheap whiskey consumed in the old west (see Drunken Times)
                               3: an alcohol drinking hangover  4 slang: an asshole; when you moon someone and within that act you
                                open your butt cheeks to expose your asshole

Turkish:  Kizl - red
              Kizl Kiyameti kaparmak – to raise a hell of a row

A RED suit and pitchfork is also the predominant imagery associated with The Devil.

Latin:  Rubeus/a/um – of or produced from a bramble or thorn (see Thorns of the Bush)
           Rubeo - red

English idiom:  To paint the town red – engage in a riotous spree, to party and carouse to an extreme (see Drunken Times)

English idiom:  In the red – to be in a debt or shortage

Within Merriam Webster’s English Dictionary we can find many associations with the color red.
1 Red – 1a: of the color red  b: having red as a distinguishing color.  2a(1): flushed especially with anger or embarrassment (2) ruddy, florid (3) a coppery hue  b: bloodshot  c: in the color range between a moderate orange and russet or bay  d: tinged with red.  3a: heated to redness, glowing   4a: inciting or endorsing radical social or political change especially by force  b: communist  c: of or relating to a communist country and especially the former U.S.S.R.   5: failing to show a profit, a red financial statement.
2 Red – 1: a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum  2: one that is of a red or reddish color: especially an animal with a reddish coat (see fox news) 3a: a pigment or dye that colors red  b: a shade or tint of red  4a: one who advocates the violent overthrow of an existing social or political order  b: communist  5: bookkeeping practice of entering debit items in red ink, the condition of showing a loss

The term “Red” can be traced back through European history to have an association with revolutionary politics, from which its name came from the notion of blood and violence. The first know use was as early as 1297. The term red got a boost in 1793 with the adoption of the red Phrygian cap (French bonnet rouge) as a symbol of the French Revolution. The definition meaning radical communist came later in 1851. See Red 4: and the emphasis on “violent overthrow of an existing social or political order”. ... much like the Neoconservative Republican "red state" violent oil grab in Iraq that has cost over 1 trillion dollars.

Here is some other English words associated with the color red:
English:  Red alert – the final stage of alert in which enemy attack is imminent
             Red baiting – the attacking or persecuting of communists
             Red carpet – ceremonial courtesy esp. for royalty
(see American Royals)
             Red coat – British soldier esp. in America during the Revolutionary War
             Red dog – blitz
(see Confused Warriors)
             Red handed – in the act of committing a crime or misdeed
             Red head – a person with red hair; an American duck…
             Red heat – state of being red-hot
             Red herring – something that distracts attention from the real issue
             Red hot –glowing with heat, exhibiting or marked by intense emotion, enthusiasm or violence
             Red ink – financial loses, deficit
             Red letters – of special significance (from the practice of marking holy days in red letters)
             Red light – a warning signal, deterrent
             Red light district – whorehouses
(see Two)
             Red necks – under-educated rustics
(see Stupid Delays)
             Red rust – the uredinial stage of rust
             Red shirt - period of inactivity of a college athlete who want to extend his eligibility
             Red tape – excessive bureaucratic rigmarole
             Red tide – seawater discolored in a density fatal to many forms of marine life
             Red meat
(see Butchers)
             Red wine (see Drunken Times)

English idiom:  To see red – be angry

The red cross was a mark on the doors in London who were infected with the plague.

The Scots words Red-etin – name of a monster; a savage, barbarous person, or Red-headit – hot tempered, and Red-mad – raging mad; furious, support much of the connotations of red.

Red Grant is the assassin in the 1957 novel/1963 film From Russia with Love.
Red is the career thief attempting to pull off a heist in the 1941 film High Sierra.
Garland Humphrey
(see Bears of the Woods) “Red” Lynch is the psychotic killer in the 1962 film Experiment in Terror.
Warren Red Barr is the evil abductor in the 1997 film Breakdown.
Red is the mendacious and cowardly drug dealer in the 2008 film Pineapple Express.
The Man with One Red Shoe is a 1985 film about the follies of espionage.
Red Riding is a 1999 novel series/films about serial killers and corrupt cops.
Red Planet is a 2000 film about encountering hostile flesh eaters on the planet named after the god of war Mars
(see Confused Warriors).
Red Dawn is a 1984 film about a Soviet invasion of the United States.

Red is the violent gangster in the 2010 film Brooklyn's Finest.

Rudy Martin is the old cattle rancher for the meat industry in the 2006 film Fast Food Nation.

Rudy is Slavic for ‘red’.
Martin means ‘pagan god of war’ (see Confused Warriors)Rudy means 'red'.

The Rojo Brothers are the murderous gangster-like rulers of a town in the 1964 film A Fistful of Dollars.

Rojo is Spanish for ‘red’.

Gaelic:  Dearg – 1 (adj) red   2 (superl. adj) in a bad sense
            Dearg-amadan – perfect fool
            Dearg-mheirleach – notorious thief
            Dearg-namhaid – sworn enemy
            Dearganach – a soldier, redcoat
            Dearg-las – blaze, burn intensely
            Deargnaidh – unlearned

Spanish slang:  Sacar una roja – (literally to bring out a red)  to fail a subject

English idiom:   Red-faced liar - a liar

English:  Ruddy – red or reddish, a healthy red
British:  Ruddy - used as an intensive <a ruddy lie>, bloody
British slang:  Ruddy - damned
Scots:  Ruddy – ruddiness
           Ruddy - to make a loud, reiterated noise, to rumble
(see Confused Warriors)

The following word accentuates the need to re-examine war and war-like methods.
English:  2Pyrrhic – [from Greek purrikhe war dance, of, pertaining to Pyrrhus, king of Epirus,
                              or his costly victory, inventor of the wardance, from pyrros “reddish”, from
                              pyrros “flame colored”, from pyr ‘fire”] an ancient Greek warlike dance in
                              which the motions of actual warfare were imitated
               Pyrrhic victory – a victory or goal achieved at too great a cost

Red is represented in the following cultures:
Celtic – Death, the red horseman, disaster
Chinese – the sun, the phoenix, fire, summer, the south, joy, happiness
Christian – Christ’s passion, bloodshed, the fire of Pentecost, zeal in faith, love, power, dignity, priestly power, intrepidity, the color of Cardinals’ robes as soldiers of the Pope. Red and white denotes the Devil; Purgatory; death.
Greek – Priapus, a fertility god of the penis was known as the Red God.  Red was the color of Dionysos - the god of wine (see Drunken Times), who was known as the liberator and orgiast.
Hindi - red is the root shakra associates with primal energy
Hebrew (Qabalism) – severity
Roman –  Red was an imperial color. America is the Imperial Empire of the time

Sheldon Runyon is the ruthless politician who leads an attack on a female vice-presidential nominee by leaking rumors of sexual impropriety in the 2000 film The Contender.
Runyon/Runyun is a name from the Gaelic Ó Ruadháin, made up of the element ruadh 'red'.

Delacroy is the corrupt voting machine company in the 2006 film Man of the Year.
Delacroy is a name made up of the Latin de 'of' or 'from' + Latin la 'the' + Gaelic MacRúaidh 'son of red'.
Elenor Green (see Blue Yellow & Green) was the character who blew the whistle on DelaCroy.

Delacroy is the obnoxious oil tycoon in the 1960 film The Grass is Greener.

Found within Chapters 72-73 - America in the Red

   Paul D. Ryan - as of 2016 Speaker of the House of Representatives aka the "People's House", formerly Mitt Romney's (see Quagmires, Crooked Leanings) 2012 vice presidential running mate. Ryan was formerly the House Ranking Member turned Chairman on the Committee on the Budget 2010-, who was the Republican budget pointman on criticizing President Obama's healthcare reform plan where he pined about the costs of helping 30+ million uninsured people get some need care. He thinks universal healthcare encourages people to rely on the government more than on themselves. His budget plan would drastically cut medicare, a key issue in the 2012 elections. He was amongst all the Republicans who voted NO on extending unemployment benefits in 2010. A punk completely out of touch with real Americans and real future trends, his gloomy response to the President's 2011 address to the nation included that entitlements "lull able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency". His "Road Map" for America's Future (see Fierce Driving Hype) is a dangerous anti-governement approach to fiscal responsibility that guts much of social security and healthcare. He hypocritically voted to extend the debt ceiling under Bush yet now has opportunistically made the debt a big issue. He like most has been non-existent when it comes to prioritizing significant investments in 21st century mass transit train systems that could resolve the out of control Darwinia automobile culture capitalism. By overemphasizing excessive free market solutuons, his pathetic, hypocritical, and neglegent party prove that they have no answers to helping non-corporate connected people. He made news in 2011 for his $350 dollar bottle of wine with some hedge fund (see Thorns of the Bush) executives. His budget plan and vision of the future has been described as social Darwinism (see Bestial Behaviors). He has often stated his beliefs were influenced by Ann Rosenbaum (see Thorns of the Bush) Rand. This arrogant out-of-touch predictable windbag said the Occupy Wall St. protests were about "class envy". His performance at the 2012 Republican National Convention was described by most fact checkers as replete with self-serving lies. He was called out for the lie "I had a two hour and fifty-something" marathon, which he later admitted he exaggerated since the only marathon he ever ran was fininshed in over 4 hours.He is the coauthor of the autobiographical "Young Guns" (see Childish Delays, American Guns) along with Eric Cantor (see Drunken Times) and Kevin Owen (see Greedy Spears) McCarthy that claimed to be the new conservative leadership.
Ryan is an Irish name from the Gaelic Ó Riagháin or ÓRiain or ÓRuaidhín 'descendant of the little red one'

English idiom:  Red faced liar - a liar

Ben O'Ryan is the serail killer in the 2004 film Suspect Zero.
Ryan Weaver is the serial killer in the 1997 film Turbulence.
Ryan Gaerity
(see Greedy Spears) is the IRA terrorist in the 1994 film Blown Away.
(see Two) Ryan is the jealous psychotic kidnapper in the 2007 film Butterfly on a Wheel or Shattered.
Ryan Bingham
(see In a Hole) is the playboy corporate lackey without a home who is in charge of firing people from their jobs in the 2009 film Up in the Air.
Von Ryan's Express is a classic 1965 film about life and death decisions in regards to killing during a time of war.
Saving Private Ryan is a 1998 film about the deaths of four related brothers by the name of "Ryan" during the horrors of war.

English idiom:  To paint the town red – engage in a riotous spree, to party and carouse to an extreme (see Drunken Times)

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